Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys? iPads and Keyboards

It’s no secret that I love my toys. Especially toys that have pictures of slightly-digested fruit inscribed upon them. I had been waiting for some time for a larger iPad, enduring the waves of shrunken down models, sitting through innumerable discussions regarding the viability, utility and potential lifespan of the Apple Watch, and then bouncing up and down for the several months between the iPad Pro’s announcement and that lovely time in my Verizon contract where the “upgrade device” button was at last available for clicking.

Of course, once the behemoth was in hand, I determined that I required a keyboard-slash-case. The obvious choice would have been the Apple Smart Keyboard, and as I ventured into the Valhalla of Hipster Artist Wannabes (AKA The Apple Store), such was the device I intended to purchase. But first I poked around the shelves a bit, and discovered something shinier: the Logitech Create. Forcing one of the Geniuses to give me a test run on both, I determined that the Logitech was actually the way to go.

Smart Keyboard: Pros? Says “Apple” on it. Had no noticeable “wakeup” time. Cons? “Rubbery” keys that were not easily distinguisable by touch due to my own diabilities.

Create: Pros? Better case style (sort of a denim/canvas design, with the keyboard laid into a concave shell. Just feels sturdier. Backlighing, which is probably hell on the battery but great for finding my “starting position” without starting off with random typos due to numb fingers. Saved $20. Cons: Does not seem to like the WordPress app, especially while creating posts; Keylag, missing letters and repeating keys constantly. (This does not seem to happen with Pages, Twitter or Facebook. I don’t know why the WordPress app hates so badly.) Takes about 2 seconds to kick in after opening it up (though, really, I think I can live with that.)

Of course, as I sit on the couch with it, diddling apps to see which ones most benefit from the addition of a keyboard, the pet artist looks over and says “Why didn’t you just get a laptop?”

There’s the practical reason, of course: Even with the new splitscreen options in iOS9, it is still much harder to fall into a Netflix-induced productivity sink. And Diablo III and Final Fantasy XIV aren’t on iPad (yet, anyway), so the only timesink to be wary of is FNAF, which is a short bursty sort of entertainment, so doesn’t poach too much time.

Of course, I looked at her and calmly gave the real reason. “Because Verizon won’t give me a MacBook for $30 a month tacked onto my phone bill.”

Yes, I am a sad little man.

What about you folks out there? Any input on the tablet-versus-combo-versus-laptop debate? Other Pro-sized keyboard options you’d recommend or avoid and why? Let us know in the box below!


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