Just testing some things…

After discovering the official WordPress app’s shall we say… Lackluster? … Performance, especially as it pertains to the newer features of the iPad Pro and the keyboard attachments, I’ve been prodding other options; there’s not really anything content-wise to be discovered in this post, as it’s primarily being done just as a test, to see how well the victor of the “which one should I try” contest for the week does.

The option I checked first is BlogPad Pro, and so far it’s doing well. If anyone out there does most of their work from a tablet, it might we worth checking out. It runs faster and cleaner than WordPress, gives the option for local editing and saving – for those times when you’re off-network and want to work on your site – and lets you manage multiple accounts and blogs, both from WordPress (self-hosted or not) and Blogger. So far so good. Best thing, though, is the lack of keyboard lag and ease of accessing all the editing options.

I suspect that’s due to the fact that BlogPad Pro is designed to be a post editor. That’s all it does and it does it well. It’s not worrying about who’s liking your posts or if you’ve replied to all your comments. It can get that info, if you want it to, but that’s not its job. It also isn’t concerned about feeding you posts from all the folks you’re following and reading, so it doesn’t have to worry about that, either.

Thing is, of course, that the official app isn’t all that hot at doing those other things, either; I suspect it’s one of those “jack of all trades, master of none” things, but regardless, I suspect my search began and ended in one place, at least as far as posts are concerned. The layout on BlogPad may be a little intimidating, at least at first, but if you’ve got any background in working with word processing or desktop publishing software, and if you’re willing to click on things without knowing exactly what they do so you can learn… In other words, basically tailor made for the way my brain works.

I will continue to poke and prod, see if there’s some hidden drawback or something better that I haven’t seen yet, but for the time being, I think I’m satisfied.

What about you folks? Any suggestions for other iOS apps that might be worth looking at? Any suggestions for replacements for the WordPress Reader, so I can ditch the unholy abomination completely? Personal experiences with BlogPress or apps that otherwise haven’t behaved themselves? Let me know down below!


2 responses to “Just testing some things…

  1. When posting anything I use the desktop. I only save drafts via the WP app. But yeah, it’s not the best for edits and posting. I never heard of BlogPad. Will have to check it out. Thanks!

    • Well, I’d prefer to stick to the desktop layout, but sadly it’s not always – or even frequently – an option. I tried doing it “drafts only,” but the lag on keyboard entry led to so many typos and time wasted correcting and recorrecting words that it just wasn’t worth the effort for me.

      But so far BlogPad seems to be doing pretty decently. Worth checking out, at least. Good luck!

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