Creative Indecision

If someone was to pull up the equivelent of a browser history for my word processor over the last couple of days, I suspect they’d be very confued. There’s some weird crap coming out of me, and it’s all over the place.

Feeling very unfocused, restless, bored, unable to concentrate. I blame the meds. One wouldn’t think Symbicort would do this to you, but apparently it does.

But seriously. Six pages on Ex Inferis, three for a Twilight knockoff that I’m poking as an exercise in torturing people, two pages to go with my previously posted snippets regarding disappointment and psychics in prison, and several paragraphs on my southern werewolf romance story. Had I been capable of actually focusing what mental reserves I possess, I could have instead actually finished Ex Inferis Vol. 1, thus having actually accomplished something. But it’s just not happening.

Really starting to hate this. Anyway. Laters.



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