This might be a little creepy

A Build-A-Bear Husky



That is Loki II.

He’s a Build-A-Bear plushie of a husky. He was born on March 18th, 2016. I even have a little birth certificate for him. And he’s just adorable, isn’t he?

Sure. Until you find out what he’s stuffed with…

As I mentioned before, the coyote half of our editorial team passed away a little while ago. The pet artist, knowing that birthdays were incoming, grief was large, and having collected a sizable pile of stray coyote fur, hit upon a genius idea. (The unfortunate animal was prone to blowing his coat at the drop of a hat, coating the house with a fine mist of yellow-white fluff that stuck to everything and made the idea of sweeping or dusting a joke. She would do her best, but then couldn’t decide what to do with it, as the quanitity was quite literally insane. After he passed, she didn’t want to just throw it away.)

So she procured an empty “shell” from Build-A-Bear, chosing a husky because it was at least close to the original Loki – sadly, they no longer offered the coyote or Malamute options – and explained to the helpful staff that, no, she did not wish to have it stuffed or to do their dance and make a wish upon its heart. Instead she had it sent to the house.

I think you guys know where this is going.

Upon it’s arrival, she took a large quantity of my deceased dog’s fuzz, and proceeded to fill him with it. I’d like to point out that it is most assuredly not hypoallergenic. I think it’s actually worse for me than Loki himself was when he was alive. But I don’t care. Because my new creepy little deskmate pleases me. It’s my equivalent of keeping grandpa’s ashes on the mantle, I think.

So Loki II is now overseeing all writing endeavors, though he can’t really go anywhere, be played with, or get moved much – turns out that dog fur is significantly more able to slip through small gaps in the plushie’s fabric, which means he’s basically “leaking,” and given that there is no longer replacement fur for him, he must be tended very carefully lest his animating spark be stolen from him.

Some people think this is morbid. Creepy. Disturbing. I say “My dog’s watching me and I’m happy. Don’t judge.”


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