Missing and Being Missed

Probably because I’m in a melancholy and self-loathing mode this week, I’ve been brooding about a great many things that normally I either don’t think about or just shrug off.

Given that this coincided with having to go rummage around in my WordPress and Twitter menus and weed out the folks who I no longer care to listen to, it led to me being startled several times at the number of inactive accounts, people I used to pay great attention to. Blogs that I was incredibly fascinated with, Tweeps who had me hanging on every word. And they’re gone. Clicking to the profiles led me to discover that some had been missing for as long as two years, if their last post or tweet is to be believed.

Now, I’m not talking about the ones who mention they need to go away, or who had some other circumstances that are known. Just the ones who just stopped talking and left a mystery in their wake.

I miss some of them. Robert Davis, author of Rakasha is one; Elfie Music, former regular on Paranormal State is another. Some are more just a “Which way did he go?” moments; I might not have been deeply enthralled by them, but their presence – or lack thereof – is noticable, and scrolling through old posts of theirs was worthwhile. Some, I admit to my shame, it’s perhaps a relief; I no longer have to keep tripping over them in my feed, leaving them there for political or friendship reasons. But still.

That leads me to wonder about the times I went radio silent without warning, or the (quite likely) inevitable moment where I throw my hands up in despair, hurl the iPad into the toilet, and give up entirely with no warning. Will there be a time when someone else is cleaning up their feeds, trips over my icon and says “Hunh; wonder what happened to that guy?” Do I want that reaction? Or would I rather just disappear completely?

Note to self: If making a final exit at the attempts at authordom, be sure to delete all accounts.

What about everyone out there? Is there someone in the Blogosphere that you’ve noticed was missing, even if it ended up only temporary? Have you yourself vanished or wanted to? Let us know down below.


One response to “Missing and Being Missed

  1. I vanish once in a while and there are those who have vanished and then later missed them. Usually I try to drop them a comment or email to see how they’re doing.

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