Goodreads Review: The World’s 100 Greatest Mysteries

The World's 100 Greatest MysteriesThe World’s 100 Greatest Mysteries by E. Randall Floyd

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Not much to say on this one. It was an amusing read, but overall probably not all that exciting to folks like myself – who keep a running mental catalogue of “weird tales” and conspiracy theories – though folks just dipping their toe in the water or wanting a quick and entertaining series of snapshots of weirdness would probably get something good out of it.

One nagging complaint that does dent the score is the edit job; there’s multiple misplaced or misspelled words, more than one instance of repeated words, and several pronoun game moments that should have been addressed at some point. I figure if they were glaring enough for me to notice them during 1AM bathroom reading sessions, they must be worse than what I’m used to, and thus need noting.

Otherwise… enjoy!

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