Something to contemplate?

I recently found this website; apparently it’s a service that picks up the rights to manuscripts. What they do with them after that is not supposed to be the author’s concern. The idea is apparently that one can take underperforming books and unload them on someone else who can try to do something with them. The author gets a payday, the company gets something they can try to market or sell off, and everyone goes away happy. In theory.

I haven’t been able to find much about them beyond this. No one claiming they’re a scam, nobody with rave reviews about them. But I’m considering it. Not for everything, of course. I’m still bullheaded enough to say there may be hope on my own, but for things that don’t necessarily have much life in them and I don’t forsee attempting direct sequels to? I’ll tell you, given my current situation, a couple hundred bucks might be worth it, even if I have to say goodbye.

Curious if anyone else has dealt with this or any other similar company. What the experience was like. If you think the end result was worth it or not, and why.

Or, if anyone out there has some better suggestions – or any at all – I’m all ears. I’m obviously not so hot with the whole marketing schtick, don’t know how to get people interested or excited. Can’t even seem to give them away. I’ve considered putting some of them (Shadow of Purity and For Her…, mainly) up on Wattpad, but since I don’t seem to have the actual manuscript files anymore, that would involve essentially retyping them from scratch and I just haven’t had the time or inclination of late to do it.

Any discussion on the subject is welcome; drop your thoughts in the box below! And now a word from our sponspor!


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