Ex Inferis Podcast – Seeking Advice

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’m considering resurrecting the Ex Inferis project as a podcast rather than a serial. The idea is still on the blotter, but due to assorted financial and technical hangups is in limbo again. I find it’s hard to do without access to my computer, you see.

“But Kaine,” I say, “I have all those crazy people who listen to what I say and sometimes say things back! Perhaps they have other ideas!” “Other Kaine,” I say, “That sounds like a genius idea! Let’s ask!” (And yes, sometimes I have internal dialogue quite similar to Barry from Archer. Don’t judge me.)

So I’m asking; anyone out there have experience with podcasting without the benefit of having actual PC access? I’ve got an iPad Pro, the keyboard/case deal, a wired PlayStation headset that provides decent audio quality if used as a mic, and a willingness to jury rig if need be. Anyone have app suggestions that might do to get something off the ground with such a setup, or cheap alternatives? Due to the format I’m contemplating – essentially spoken diary type entries of my protagonist, reflecting on his experiences – I don’t believe I’ll need anything fancy; minimal special effects required, though the option to add a music bed and/or reusable intro/outro would be great. For what it’s worth, I did spend over a decade in video, television and radio production – though much of that was pre-digital – so I’m not deeply concerned if any suggestions involve a level of tech knowledge or require patience and much fiddling to work, since I’m quite accustomed to those sorts of situations.

Any suggestions are quite welcome, even if they’re of the “Hang up the jock and wait til you have a full PC setup again” variety. Drop ’em in the box below, if you’re of a mind. And thanks, everyone.


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