Reading Habits

Someone asked me why I have so many books on my “Currently Reading” list over on Goodreads. They seemed to think it was odd, especially given the random nature of the selections.

It’s not odd! There’s perfectly logical reasons! I swear!

So far as the selection, as some of you are aware, one of my jobs is working in a book warehouse. They let us have anything that the system doesn’t want for inventory. So I get a lot of impulse, “this looks odd or interesting…” sorts of books from that venue. That results in a lot of very random books finding their way onto my shelves, and since I took them, I feel at least a little obligated to read them even if I find out in the first few pages that it isn’t what I thought it was or it’s not as interesting as it initially appeared. Given my financial situation, that’s the primary way I get books these days, so it comes out looking bizarre.

And given the number at a time, that’s because at any given time I usually have two books in one bathroom (usually fiction I’m familiar with and reading or rereading for pleasure and one of the “random ones”), one in the master bathroom, one in my car, and whatever I’ve got on my Kindle at the time. They progress differently, because the ones in my bathroom get read the fastest, as I have the most time with them. The stuff on Kindle usually goes slowest, because any time I could be in Kindle, I’m usually working on my own books or doing something on the internet.

What about you folks out there? How many books are you reading at once? Where do you keep your secret stash? How random and ecclectic are your picks and why? Let us know down below!


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