Looking for Some Quality Control

My little girl toddled back to me yet again, but that’s okay. I have some other plans for her, methinks.

But to enact those plans, I need a bit of help. As has been mentioned previously, I am lacking access to my computer. Among other things, that means the version of the file I have is a bit older, and likely has at least a few typos in it. I don’t know that I am in the proper frame of mind to catch them all – if at all – right now. I also am not certain that my darling is as polished as she could be, I think perhaps she needs an extra brush run through her hair, a different hand to tug at her dress and make sure it falls properly, a fresh brillo pad to scrub against her knife.

lmnn crying

See? She’s looking at you, now.

That’s where you folks come in. I’m looking for a small group – between five and ten, most likely – willing to take a look at the manuscript for “Little Miss No Name,” give it a once over. It’s not particularly long (around 3,000 words, if memory serves), and I can provide it in Word, Pages, RTF or PDF format. If you catch any typos, bonus points, but what I’m mainly looking for is tone and feel, what works and what doesn’t, what you think could be cut and what you’d perhaps like more of. Basically critique the piece, so I can help my little girl be all that she wants to be.

There’s not a lot I can offer in return at this moment (as evidenced by my near-constant GoFundMe spam, I imagine), but at the very least I can give you a shout out on the site, on Twitter or on Facebook, if you’d like, and make sure you get some kind of credit whenever my darling does finally appear in print, as well as copies of the final product, in whatever format it may take. If those don’t ring your bells, let me know, and we’ll see if we can work something else out. I’m pretty open to negotiation.

There’d be a few caveats, of course; first, that you not share the manuscript anywhere online or claim it as your own (duh. Not implying anything, but it seems like if you don’t say that, someone will get you on a technicality.) Feel free to have others look at it in person, though, again, so long as credit is given where it’s due. Second, I’m okay with you posting a paragraph or two online, if you really want to, but again, please make sure it’s credited and that you let me know. Third… I guess there really isn’t one.

If that sounds amenable to you, drop me a line or a comment, let me know what format you want the file in, and be prepared to enjoy. I’ll do my best to get back fairly quickly, and I promise not to spam you. Sound good?

Thanks, everyone.


Oh, thought you’d escape without having to see the dreaded logo again? Not so lucky, I’m afraid. Even if you’re not down with helping my daughter get cleaned up, and don’t have anything for the tip jar, it’d still be awesome if you could stop by my GoFundMe, maybe give it a share; everything helps, and getting “Little Miss No Name” presentable and available is one of the aims of the fundraiser. Thanks again!



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