I Am Everywhere. Catch Me If You Can

Been awhile since I’ve done one of these, so figured it was about time to bring it up again. Like most of us in the digital world, I’m in a lot of places, and in some of those places I post stuff that doesn’t always make it to all of them. Then there’s the places I’ve been in the past, where I no longer frequent, but that still bear the marks of my passing and that I might one day return to. You just never know with me.

But I figured it might be helpful if I rounded up all the places where I am at least semi-active, so any newcomers can stalk me elsewhere, if such is their pleasure. Link-spam incoming:

Here. Home base. Insomnia, Nightmares and General Madness (aka kaineandrews.com) tries its best to be the centerpiece, though WordPress is not always an ideal medium, especially when I can’t access my PC to modify the site design, tinker with plugins and such. But it’s where I do the most babbling, generally, and it has my Twitter feed over in the corner. So that’s a thing.

Speaking of Twitter; yep, I’m there, too. @KaineAndrews. Easy, yes?

If you want something visual, that’s not too abysmal… (Sorry, Frank. Had to do it.) I’m on Instagram, shockingly enough under the name KaineAndrews. That one gets less frequent updates, as I am not often a picture taker. But sometimes I share amusing things, or weird books I come across.

You might find me on Facebook, as well, though it usually serves more as a clearinghouse for content from everywhere else to get posted; facebook.com/kaineandrewsauthor is the link. Also handy if you’d like to chat!

If you’re interested to see what I’m reading and what I thought of it, you can hunt me down on Goodreads and browse my shelves. Also fairly open to recommendations, though my “to-read” pile is significantly larger than my available time and budget for the time being, I sometimes fast track things if they catch my eye.

If you’re in a shopping sort of mood, my Amazon page lies yonder. There you may click about and perhaps purchase some of my works.

If you want to read some of my stories, but find the search and navigation options here a little annoying (or sometimes I post things that don’t end up here, for assorted reasons), or if you’d like to give me a cookie (with a comment, like or share on one of my stories), you can also find me on Wattpad, where I rail against all the One Direction fanfic by posting noir zombies and weird little creepypasta-like stories.

I do also possess a YouTube channel; it’s mostly little bits of amusement generated by the PS4 Share button, though I keep meaning to do some more vlogs, and then there’s that Ex Inferis stuff I keep meaning to do something with. When I get the opportunity to work on other projects – which, again owing to a lack of proper equipment and software at this time – I post them there, too, and there’s of course my playlists which sometimes have fun stuff in them.

Last, of course, is my GoFundMe, which I alternately find repulsive and pitiable. It’s there in case you decide you really like what I do and would like to help me crawl out from the hole I live in so I can do more, because lacking my computer and the piles of pills and aspirators that keep me sane and breathing sometimes puts a crimp in things, and that’s aside from living in a closet.


My bedroom. Let me shows you it.

I believe that sums it up; stop by some of my other locations, follow them, share them, if you’re of a mind. If there’s a place I’ve forgotten to insert myself, or you have suggestions on better integrating the mess or avenues I should get rid of, they’re always welcome; let me know down below. Until next time!



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