Clack, clack, clack go the keys

Yesterday I didn’t manage to get a lot done; only added two paragraphs to the mystery project and didn’t manage to diddle this blog at all. At least, that’s what it looks like if one were counting words.

Today was much the same. 0 progress made on the manuscript file, and only this piddling update on the interwebs front. But that doesn’t mean I was resting on my laurels, allowing the project to atrophy, nay nay.

I spent a sizeable chunk of my lunch break scribbling in my employer provided steno pad, and did something awful. I – gasp – plotted the high points that remain in the mystery manuscript. My wrist is not happy about it, nor my general nature as a pantser, but I have the rough sketch of what needs to go down.

If I was one of the cool kids using Scrivener, I’d have entered those in and be even readier, but I’m still satisfied. Assuming I can actually force myself to bend over the keys, I could be done with this by the end of September. Fingers crossed.

Still looking for beta readers for “Little Miss No Name,” as well, if anyone’s interested; have some big plans for my darling daughter, once she’s gotten a spit shine and my computer is once again on my desk, which should be mid-October.

Also had some revelations and ideas for Lune de Amant, so once things are settled with the mystery project and my daughter, that’ll probably be next on the block for actual attempt to finish. I haven’t forgotten Blood and Steel, just haven’t been particularly jovial of late, and doing horror comedy while depressed isn’t exactly the best idea… Ioudas is still lurking in there, too, but coming back to that is a little farther off. Still, if I can stay on track and maintain pace, hopefully by this time next year there will be at least two more shinies on Amazon bearing my moniker and maybe even three.

That’s all I’ve got for the moment. Will return shortly, hopefully with something more interesting.


As a friendly reminder, my GoFundMe is still there; if you enjoy my work and want to help me keep doing it and reclaim my proper tools for doing so, it’s most appreciated. Even if you can’t contribute, giving it a look and a share is helpful. Thanks to everyone who’s already done so!



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