Roadtrip Gone Awry (A Dumb Joke)

My friends and I were on a long road trip, cruising the loneliest highway, en route to Vegas. They were all asleep, while I was tasked with driving. While humming along to Taylor Swift and trying to pretend I wasn’t, I heard a “thump” that wasn’t part of the bassline.

Thinking “Oh, bugger,” I pulled over to the shoulder and stopped to see what I’d hit. Lying in the road, quite dead, was a poor little rabbit. I didn’t want to just leave him there, so I started rummaging in the trunk, checking to see if I had a bag or something. My friend Danny, having been disturbed by the sudden cessation of Taylor’s shrieks and wondering why the car was stopped, came around to the trunk to see what was up.

I explained that I had hit a rabbit and was in the process of cleaning it up, when he got this demented grin on his face, shoved me out of the way and started digging in his bag. A moment later he came back up with a can. “Watch this,” he said. “Problem solved, buddy.”

He walked over to the corpse of the rabbit, sprayed it liberally with the can, then stepped back. A minute later, to my surprise, the rabbit jumped up, seemingly just fine, and started to hop away. A moment later he turned, looked at us, raised one paw and waved. Then he hopped a bit further. Turned again. Waved. Another hop or two. Another turn. Another wave.

He did that for several minutes, until he was out of sight, but I still had the feeling he was stopping to wave at us, I just couldn’t see him. Unable to believe it, I grabbed Danny and asked him what was in the can. He showed it to me.

“Hair spray. Puts a spring back in lifeless hair. Adds permanent wave.”


Sorry, folks. I couldn’t resist. I laughed, and I figured if it made me laugh despite being very much in the down cycle, it was probably something worth sharing with others. Have a great night.


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