Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

If you’re a creative sort that’s based in any way on understanding humans or creating imaginary ones, I think you should know that working in a call center of any time is a magificent goldmine of educational opportunities. You will talk to some of the most fascinating people, hear the most amazing names and see the greatest spellings of those names.

And you will likely lose any faith you might once have had in the idea that humanity has hope or intellect.

I’m not allowed to be specific – my customer’s information is sacrosanct, meant to be held in a locked vault that lawyers and priests would consider a trifle extreme – and sometimes I worry that I may inadvertently work a scenario, name or accent into something I’m writing that might be considered a breach of that confidentiality, but sometimes you just need to say something.

That something, in this case, is that I honestly think people should take some sort of licensing test before they’re allowed to have bank accounts or credit cards. I mean, seriously. Further, I think people should be required to take an elocution class before they’re allowed to yell at people in call centers for half an hour.

It’s not as bad as working retail during Black Friday, but it’s a close thing. I think the real dividing line is that people on the phone cannot fling feces at you. And yes, I’ve had that happen.

But that isn’t really the point. I think the point is wondering if anyone else out there has, in a work or personal situation, been exposed to something that would make amazing fodder for art, but has to walk the line between mining that and accidentally – or intentionally – violating their customer’s privacy. If so, how did you deal with it? Where is that line? Any input is welcome and appreciated; let us know in the box below!


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