Election Madness: Just a Few Worries

I know I’m late to the party. Unfortunate consequences of my assorted issues. But I still had a few things I wanted to say about this whole scenario.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to threaten to move to Canada, or discuss the 800 ways one could try to impeach our President Elect, either before or after he takes the oath of office. I’m not going to slam him or nitpick about his questionable past actions, shady and often conflicting viewpoints from minute to minute or theorize about how much worse off the world is, now. But I am going to question some of the things I’ve heard from his supporters, because it’s just so bloody idiotic.

Now, if you genuinely believe Trump is the right choice, for political, social or religious reasons and voted your conscience, good on you. I may not agree with you, but as this is America and we all have to get along and – in theory, at least – majority rules, then I must accept that decision. But there are some folks out there that voted Trump for absolutely ridiculous – if not batshit crazy – reasons, and given how close some places were, I have to question if things might have turned out a little different if the average American IQ wasn’t somewhere in the sub-70 zone.

Take that however you want. But I have had people inform me that they voted for Trump because they honestly believe that Clinton was a reptilian. You know, those aliens that David Icke swears are taking over the government. I have had people tell me that they believe that Hillary is secretly a man or a post-op transgender. I have had them tell me they voted for Trump because they believe Bill Clinton is a secret rapist.

Now, if you didn’t want to vote for Hillary because of the e-mail scandal, fine. If you don’t want to vote for her because she supports sexual diversity, fine. If you don’t want to vote for her because she worked as a defense lawyer, fine. But you didn’t vote that way because you think she’s a transsexual alien overlord who’s hiding the rapes her husband supposedly committed? What, is she a reject from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, now? It’s not even that someone believes those things; it’s that they admit to them readily, with no sense of irony, with wide eyes indicating earnest belief and used those as justification for their choice in an important political matter that affects pretty much anyone in the world.

And then you have the idiots who wanted to vote for Harambe, Deez Nutz or some random fringe politician, thinking it’s either funny or somehow giving the middle finger to the establishment so we “can really change things, man!” Amusing theory, and I’d have loved to see any state where a joke candidate actually won the popular vote because I have a wide streak of wanting to watch the world burn, but I want to shake those folks, slap them a few times and ask “What the hell did you think that was going to do, moron?” Again, given how close things were – in the popular vote, at least – I can’t help but wonder if things might have been different if a few of those Anonymous-wannabes had dropped a ticket for an actual valid candidate. But, c’est la vie.

And now we have the worst of all. The doom-sayers, the former Hillarettes and Green Party supporters who are absolutely sure Trump will bring the whole thing crashing down on our heads, and the Trumpets proudly proclaiming how we done did a good job, boys, and egging the Hillarettes into frenzies of stupidity. Why don’t you all just chill the hell out, sit down, shut up, and see what happens?

Because here’s a newsflash: Trump isn’t stupid. He is a lot of things, many of them despicable, and he may be a lot worse things, but one thing he is not is dumb. He knows how to put on a show and he knows how to play a game and twist the rules for his favor. Now he has what he wants. He’s not going to detonate it by being stupid, starting wars and building walls, because he is in the game to win. He may say that’s what he’s going to do, but he has a track record of “changing his mind” any time it’s convenient for him, and even if he tries, there’s a giant labyrinthine maze of policy he’d need to wade through to get it done. When other forces in the nation are arrayed against it, look how badly mangled Presidential aims end up becoming when and if they’re actually realized. Everyone – Hillary supporters and Trump’s – needs to sit back, take a deep breath, and take a realistic approach. If there’s a policy change or action that you believe is actually feasible that you are opposed to, then take steps to deal with that. Contact your Senators, your Congressmen, your Mayors, whoever. Form groups. But don’t waste time and energy freaking out over a wall or a nuke that is just not going to happen. And if there’s something you want done, do the same. Go make your voice heard, and do it properly. Preferably not while stoned.

And for a final thought, if you’re so deeply worried: It’s just four years. Trump has a history of getting bored with his toys and wandering off, plus he’s older than God. The likelihood of him going for a second term is pretty small. Realistically in 2020, the Republican ticket will be reading Pence/Palin. If the Democrats are smart, they’ll field another woman for the job, probably with a long-time political insider for VP; further, probably not Clinton again (or Sanders, for that matter.) And they’ll have 4 years of whatever grumbling has been going on, 4 years of broken promises (“where’s that wall?”) to use as kindling, and a host of dissatisfied Democrat celebs, lawyers and politicians to throw in and burn the house down. Pence or Palin won’t have the ostentatious demeanor and “he’s not a politician, he says it how it is!” attitude to rely on. And hopefully the Harambe/Deez Nutz supporters will have either died off or found their brains and David Icke’s followers will have as well. Then we can all trade spots again. Because that’s what happens. 8 years of bitching and moaning about Bush, then we had 8 years of the opposite group whining about Clinton, then 8 years of simpering about W, then flip the table and complain about Obama. It’s how we roll. So calm down, everyone.

Please? I mean, it is the holidays, and all…


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