Not Certain if this is an Improvement

So, as I noted before, I am officially crazy Got me a diagnosis and a bottle of pills and everything. That’s all fine and well, and the pills do seem to help, but there’s been some unintended side effects.

Sleep, for example. I’ve spent most of my life just not sleeping. I’ve always run on 5-6 hours of sleep, tops, with periods where only an hour or two was the rule. I figured this was normal; I didn’t suffer from any particular ill effects from it, and I merely considered myself blessed. There’s twenty usable ours every day, instead of the sixteen most other people get; sweet!

Well, apparently it wasn’t all that normal. Since getting on the meds, I sleep 7-9 hours. Not by choice, not because I’m feeling particularly tired. I just fall asleep and wake up 8 hours later. You know, like “normal” people do. While I’m sure it’s probably better for me, it’s also kind of annoying; I have stuff to do, and I’ve been used to having an extra couple of hours to do it in until now.

Then there’s the writing. I’ve always gone through phases – and the digital evidence of those phases, from the time stamps on the files and blog posts were something the shrink wanted to take a look at and formed a portion of the diagnosis – where I crap out dozens of blog posts and short stories and dump thousands of words on my manuscripts. Those will last for a while – generally around the same time as I was sleeping an hour or two – and then I’ll have a period where writing anything more involved than a quick blurb about whatever game/movie/book I’m currently interested in is just too much bloody effort. I’d prefer to be permanently trapped in the “I write 50k words a day, and it’s awesome!” phase, but that’s probably not healthy; the magic pills seem to even the whole mess out. I can write a couple thousand a day without too much stress or difficulty, and that’s great, and better than nothing, but I suspect the manic days of cranking out two short stories, three blog posts and god knows how many Tweets, comments and whatnot are gone. Very sad.

All in all though, it’s not so bad. Just taking some adjustments. Though like the title says, I’m not certain if this is a 100% improvement or not. Guess we’ll see as they ramp up the medication to the full strength that they want me to be taking. Keep the fingers crossed on that count, folks.

Anyone else out there had some upheavals in their creative flow when playing with psychiatric meds? Care to share your experiences, hints or tips on how to deal with it, or anything else related? Feel free to drop a note in the box below. Until next time, folks…


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