Double Tetons


He is the arm.

Hey, remember this particular ball of insanity?

I do. I also remember that when it originally aired, I was rather young. Not really able to process everything that was going on. I still really enjoyed it, though.

And for those of us who have fond memories of Dale Cooper and Harry S. Truman pursuing the demonic murderer Bob, or enjoy each little throwback or reference to the series that crops up in more recent pieces of pop culture, there’s great news: In May, Twin Peaks will be getting a new series, featuring most of the original cast (those who survived the show’s two seasons, at least) and handled by the people who brought you the original series.

Better news? Hulu has the original series up. Which means I smell a binge coming. But what I sat and pondered as I worked my way through the first season was this:

How many people did they lose as viewers once the second episode started? I mean, from the first episode, Twin Peaks seems to be a pretty basic soap opera/detective drama. “Who killed Laura Palmer,” the iconic question of the era, is introduced about five minutes in and very clearly seems to be the driving force from there on out. The characters, while a little weird and quirky (c’mon, it’s David Lynch, what do you expect?) seem pretty grounded and logical. All seems well.

Then tune in for the next episode and we start introducing dream investigation, psychic logs and start flirting with demonic backwards talking midgets (who eventually are revealed to be “humanized” severed arms…) and the like. I have to wonder how many people liked the first episode and tuned in the next week only to be left going “WTF did I just watch?” and hurling the remote at the screen.

Oh well. In my opinion, it’s still a damn fine show. Hopefully the new series is just as entertaining.


Can I get some coffee, black, and cherry pie with that?


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