Little Miss No Name: Doll Abuse





Continuing from previous posts, semi-random snippet that is totally unedited and somewhat freeform. Just liked it. Thought I’d share.




Then she just stopped. Like someone had hit a button on a clicker that turned her off like a TV. She went all still and frozen, like a plastic person again. I could feel where her fingers were around my arms, and it felt like I was slipping. I wanted to thrash and grab and fight, because I thought she might drop me, but I still couldn’t move and her fingers were getting looser and looser and I thought she was going to drop me in the tub. I didn’t want to go into the tub that way. That was how you got drownded. Gina had told me all about getting drownded once, when she had swimmer lessons. She said people fell in the water and couldn’t get out and tried to breathe water until they turned blue, and then there’d have to be a funeral.

I didn’t want to be blue and have a funeral. Who’d even come? Daddy and Oscar were gone, and I hadn’t seen Gina in forever, and Miss Winters didn’t come over anymore, not since Mommy was mean to her that time, and Mommy was all weird and didn’t like funerals.

But I didn’t fall. Mommy’s fingers grabbed me again, and she started to move. Her mouth opened and her lips pulled really far back. So far I saw the red stuff come out of a spot where her skin had ripped and it spilled down her chin, but she didn’t seem to notice.

I was scared then, scareder than I was when she found my pictures, even. It was even worse than when she told me her stories. So bad I thought I was going to wet myself, just like a baby, but I didn’t. But my eyes got all shimmery and wavy, like I was looking at Mommy under the water, and I wondered if maybe you could get drownded without going in the water. I blinked really hard, and the watery look went away, and I felt something wet go down my face.

Mommy screamed, really loud, the way the girls in the movies late at night screamed when the bad men with masks and sharp stuff caught them. It hurt my ears, even worse than when she was like a teakettle. Then she threw me, really hard.


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