Semi-Topical Thought

Most folks are aware of what went down in Vegas on Sunday. This was a terrible thing, this is true. Dozens of people died. Hundreds were injured. People should be concerned with trying to help what victims they can.

There’s a handful of people who’ve tried to actually do something useful. There’s many – millions might not be an overestimation – who are offering the less helpful but still well-meaning “thoughts and prayers” sorts of sympathies.

And then there are the folks who, within five hours (that I’m aware of, though they were probably on the scent much faster), turned it into a political battleground. Because of course, gun control would have prevented this!

There’s also the conspiracy nuts who immediately start shrieking false flag, government secret ops and the like. That’s not even worth wasting my breath on.

I’m relatively neutral on the gun control concept. Except when it comes to situations like this. For one, I’m sick of people turning this sort of thing into a political rally before the bodies are even dealt with, the survivors are accounted for, and the individuals behind it are dead or incarcerated.

For two I want to slap some of the gun control folks. Because I see a massive gap in their logic chain.

We have individuals who are willing to lay down a massive amount of gunfire on a country music concert for several minutes, people who only in the farthest possible reaches of naivete, insanity or plain old stupidity could possibly think that such an act is not heinously illegal and dangerous. This marks them as dangerous, potentially psychotic or sociopathic, and determined.

Do you seriously believe that an individual or individuals of that mindset, who are willing to do such a thing, are not going to be able to lay hands on a weapon when they want it? Do you honestly think that they’re going to say to themselves something akin to “Well, I wanted to shoot a few hundred people today, but man, that 2-year sentence for being caught with a weapon is a real deterrent…”?

If you think the answer to either is “yes,” then you’re the one being painfully naive, insane or stupid. As an example, contemplate the drug problem. Hard drugs are illegal. Hard drugs ostensibly have a systematic pogrom designed to purge them. Yet plenty of people still get them, plenty of people still sell them, and a determined individual will find them (and frequently move on to other crimes from there). Same with alcohol. Look back at Prohibition; the only people who will follow laws to ban things are the people who weren’t using or abusing those things in the first place. For those who already have little care for laws, a few extra are not going to serve as much of a deterrent. (Twisted) Love will find a way.

Some might interpret that as a great NRA endorsement. I don’t mean it that way. Stricter gun control might prevent other kinds of crime, sure; it would probably become less likely that Joe stumbles home drunk one night and puts a hole in his wife’s head, or that Jane finds out her husband is cheating on her and puts a bullet in his balls. There might be fewer kids blowing themselves or their friends away by accident due to poorly concealed or secured weapons. Si might not accidentally (or accidentally-on-purpose) blow away his hunting buddy in a duck blind.

But shit like this? I doubt like hell it’d have a lot of effect. Of course, some would then say that we can’t know until we try, and that’s a valid statement. I’m not against the experiment. I’m against the way it’s argued, and how some people will turn a tragedy into the punchline of their campaign motto.

Now, if anyone wants to do something useful, I’m sure they’re probably still hurting for blood. I’m sure there are victim funds popping up all over GoFundMe and similar sites. If it hasn’t already been put in place, I’m certain there will be plans to create a memorial coming down the pipeline soon. And there are always people looking to understand what had occurred, who had done it and why, so perhaps putting some effort into that side of things would be more beneficial.

Just my two cents. (Or fifty, given the length of this post.)


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