Scouting the Territory

Oregon is a lovely and fascinating place. The weather’s great – though I’m sure 50 degrees and damp almost every day is not for everyone, it suits me just fine – the air quality is actually decent enough that I’m not having to suck on a gallon of albuterol every day, cost of living seems significantly lower.

The one problem I have at this point is finding my peeps. I’m not much of a social butterfly, it’s true, but there’s still times where you need like-minded individuals to discuss things with, or at least to see what’s out there that you don’t know exists. Sure, there’s, Craiglist, and the omnipresent Google, but those have, as yet, yielded little fruit. There’s an interesting writing group that I’m planning on joining as soon as I can rake together the membership fee, but even were I member, their meetings don’t run on a schedule I can meet with the current work situation.

So what about you folks out there? Anyone in the Salem area and aware of groups or individuals of an artistic persuasion willing to band together for mutual critiques, accountability, and general humanizing influence? Drop a note in the box below, or to my e-mail if you’d prefer.

Until next time.


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