View from the Desk

Finally have my “writing area” – I put quotes on it because sometimes I feel like that is a laughably pretentious descriptor, particularly because I haven’t written anything of substance in it since setting it up, but that’s the intended purpose – set up. Barricaded by bookcases, computer perched slightly precariously on the corner, assorted USB dongles hanging off the edges so I can plug in my 800 devices as need be. But the primary focus is exactly who it should be; my darling daughter has her place of honor, alongside her puppy Oscar.

The photo isn’t the best quality – backlighting is the enemy, and I couldn’t get it any better, really – but I think the drab result is appropriate for the characters, anyway. Just felt I’d share.

LMNN and Oscar

Little Miss No Name and her favorite doggy.


Nothing else to report at this time. Just thought she deserved a highlight.


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