Gaming Irritations

Nothing writing related or even that interesting, but just venting a bit.

Most folks who know me are aware I am a Sony person. I have owned the competing products at various points, generally due to exclusives that were too good to pass up (Alan Wake for XBox 360, the good versions of Manhunt 2 and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for Wii, and if I had the funds, I’d certainly snatch up a WiiU for Bayonetta 2), but for the most part I stick with the black behemoth. It’s a matter of math and functionality. I’d rather have something with a UI that makes sense, that talks to other devices in its product line, and drown myself in Uncharteds and God of Wars. Just how I am.

But despite that, I had been eyeing the Xbox One for some time. There were a few things there I wanted, but not enough to really take the plunge. Then, funding, pricing and number of games I wanted reached that point of equilibrium, and I took the jump.

The three main things I wanted were Gears of War 4Quantum Break and Dead Rising 3 and 4. Having had the device for a couple of months now, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed.

Not at the hardware; it gets the job done. The UI is bloody atrocious, but I can deal with it. It’s nice to have access to a significant number of the games I spent hundreds of dollars downloading back in the 360’s heyday (though if they could hurry up and make The Darkness II compatible, it’d be great). But those exclusives, though… Gears 4 was ridiculously short, and the multiplayer is just as unfun and aggravating as it always has been; Quantum Break was interesting, from a mechanics and plot standpoint, but the execution was lacking something. It was just… competent. Not boring, exactly, but not the tour de force I was hoping for after coming down from Alan Wake or Max Payne (which reminds me, can we get Max Payne 3 on that BC list, eh?). Dead Rising 3 also falls into that category. It’s okay, I suppose, but it feels like more of the same without any significant improvements, and I was quite happy with the original and Off the Record lurking on my PS4. Dead Rising 4, on the other hand, I really enjoyed. I know some people are pissed about the changes to Frank, but overall I was having fun with the game. It had most of the fun aspects of the prior games, but was different enough and did some new things that I really liked. Same with the Frank Rising DLC. The new content was entertaining, I liked the story aspects, I had fun with it.

Then I got punched in the feels the other day, when I was informed that Dead Rising 4 (alongside all it’s DLC) was going to be released for PS4. Called Frank’s Big Package, it kind of made me feel like I wasted my money buying the Xbox… since the other exclusives were kinda meh, and I could have bought a cheap 360 for the old stuff (and been able to play Darkness II on it, and yes I will keep complaining about that until it happens), the Xbox was basically the DR4 machine.

I know, I know, exclusives hop all the time, but I had really thought this one wouldn’t, especially since the third game hadn’t and Microsoft was pretty heavily invested in the series. Oh well.

What about you folks out there? Ever grabbed a console or made a computer upgrade to play a specific title that then hopped on over to your platform of choice? How irritating was that? Let us know down below.


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