It’s Hard to Tell a Story You Already Know

That’s all I really have to say. Believe Me sits at 15k words right now. That’s about 1/5th of the projected final length. Not bad… unless you contemplate that it took over a month to get that far.

While working on it, at first it was going well. One scene was a rewrite, so that doesn’t count, but the next several chapters flowed easily from the fingers. “I’ve got this, I can do this,” I told myself, and for a while it seemed that was true.

Then I got a little ahead of myself. I knew where the next scene was going, and the one past that, and one more besides. I knew where I had to go to get there, and it wasn’t a case of having some vague ideas of what happened next, but instead “No, this must happen.” There were no issues with fitting it into the flow; it was a natural outcropping of what came before. Fits just fine.

The problem was that, now I knew where I was going, I lost the urge to get there. I could lay down another 10k words easily, without having to stop and think about it; it would easily advance to a third of the way through, if not halfway done, just based on what I already know is going to happen. From there, the conclusion will likely sort itself out.

But how to motivate myself to get there? I already know the story, in my head. My depression, self-defeating cynicism and general malaise say there’s no point in writing it down, as that would just prompt more self-loathing to “waste my time” doing it for no “valid” reason.

Anyone else get that way? Know what needs to be written but find yourself unable to write it? Any suggestions on how to get past it? (Beyond the obvious of “just write!”) Comments, flames or suggestions are welcome below.


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