I Really Need Some Help

I hate this sort of thing. I’ve been trying not to drown everyone with it. But clocks are ticking and I have exhausted the last resources I could think of. So, unfortunately, you all get stuck with a whining, begging post, in the hopes that it somehow finds its way to a place that might get some results.

The basics: Things have not been good. Most of you are likely aware of it. Among the things that have occurred due to that scenario is my computer landed in a pawn shop. At the time, things seemed like they would work out; but coming down with strep throat and having my car explode monkey wrenched that.

Now, were it just a computer, I’d probably say “shit happens” and move along. I love my computer, don’t get me wrong, but I’m just pragmatic enough to know that it is just a thing. The problem is that this particular thing happens to have every manuscript I’ve worked on since I started writing on it. It has all the photos, artwork, cover files, PDFs and everything else that goes into a finished product. It has all the software and code to my programming projects. It has all my notes, my trial runs, my finished-but-not-yet-edited books. Some of that made its way to my tablet via the wonders of cloud sync, but not all by any means. Not even close.

In short, it contains the last twenty (and nearly 30) years of work. Hopes, dreams, blood, sweat, tears, all locked in that little box. Unless I can find a way to rescue it from the pawn shop, it all goes down the drain, and (not to be melodramatic) most likely any lingering urges I have to keep trying go with it.

Sad part? It’s not even that far out of reach. Just far enough that someone in my situation can’t do anything about it.


So now I’m begging. If you see this, and you’ve got just a second, please give it a share. If you’ve got $5 or $10 floating around you’re not using and want the eternal gratitude (and a blank check for any favor from me I can conceivably grant) of an artist who just wants his box of dreams back, please click the Paypal to the side or visit my GoFundMe. $700 more is all it’ll take. That’s like $2 per Twitter or Blog follower I have. Even less if more people see this.

There’s a ticking clock, or I’d be content to leave the campaign there, thank folks as it came in, take care of things as I could. As of today, I’ve got a three weeks before the flush. October 11 is D-Day.

Please help, if you can. Give a share. Throw $2-5 bucks in the jar; that’s the cost of a cup of coffee. Send me a bill, if you want, and I’ll find a way to repay it as soon as humanly possible. Anything. But please help.

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GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/kaineandrews

Paypal: kaineandrews@gmail.com

Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/kaineandrews



Gaming Irritations

Nothing writing related or even that interesting, but just venting a bit.

Most folks who know me are aware I am a Sony person. I have owned the competing products at various points, generally due to exclusives that were too good to pass up (Alan Wake for XBox 360, the good versions of Manhunt 2 and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for Wii, and if I had the funds, I’d certainly snatch up a WiiU for Bayonetta 2), but for the most part I stick with the black behemoth. It’s a matter of math and functionality. I’d rather have something with a UI that makes sense, that talks to other devices in its product line, and drown myself in Uncharteds and God of Wars. Just how I am.

But despite that, I had been eyeing the Xbox One for some time. There were a few things there I wanted, but not enough to really take the plunge. Then, funding, pricing and number of games I wanted reached that point of equilibrium, and I took the jump.

The three main things I wanted were Gears of War 4Quantum Break and Dead Rising 3 and 4. Having had the device for a couple of months now, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed.

Not at the hardware; it gets the job done. The UI is bloody atrocious, but I can deal with it. It’s nice to have access to a significant number of the games I spent hundreds of dollars downloading back in the 360’s heyday (though if they could hurry up and make The Darkness II compatible, it’d be great). But those exclusives, though… Gears 4 was ridiculously short, and the multiplayer is just as unfun and aggravating as it always has been; Quantum Break was interesting, from a mechanics and plot standpoint, but the execution was lacking something. It was just… competent. Not boring, exactly, but not the tour de force I was hoping for after coming down from Alan Wake or Max Payne (which reminds me, can we get Max Payne 3 on that BC list, eh?). Dead Rising 3 also falls into that category. It’s okay, I suppose, but it feels like more of the same without any significant improvements, and I was quite happy with the original and Off the Record lurking on my PS4. Dead Rising 4, on the other hand, I really enjoyed. I know some people are pissed about the changes to Frank, but overall I was having fun with the game. It had most of the fun aspects of the prior games, but was different enough and did some new things that I really liked. Same with the Frank Rising DLC. The new content was entertaining, I liked the story aspects, I had fun with it.

Then I got punched in the feels the other day, when I was informed that Dead Rising 4 (alongside all it’s DLC) was going to be released for PS4. Called Frank’s Big Package, it kind of made me feel like I wasted my money buying the Xbox… since the other exclusives were kinda meh, and I could have bought a cheap 360 for the old stuff (and been able to play Darkness II on it, and yes I will keep complaining about that until it happens), the Xbox was basically the DR4 machine.

I know, I know, exclusives hop all the time, but I had really thought this one wouldn’t, especially since the third game hadn’t and Microsoft was pretty heavily invested in the series. Oh well.

What about you folks out there? Ever grabbed a console or made a computer upgrade to play a specific title that then hopped on over to your platform of choice? How irritating was that? Let us know down below.

View from the Desk

Finally have my “writing area” – I put quotes on it because sometimes I feel like that is a laughably pretentious descriptor, particularly because I haven’t written anything of substance in it since setting it up, but that’s the intended purpose – set up. Barricaded by bookcases, computer perched slightly precariously on the corner, assorted USB dongles hanging off the edges so I can plug in my 800 devices as need be. But the primary focus is exactly who it should be; my darling daughter has her place of honor, alongside her puppy Oscar.

The photo isn’t the best quality – backlighting is the enemy, and I couldn’t get it any better, really – but I think the drab result is appropriate for the characters, anyway. Just felt I’d share.

LMNN and Oscar

Little Miss No Name and her favorite doggy.


Nothing else to report at this time. Just thought she deserved a highlight.

Goodreads Review: UFOs, JFK and Elvis

UFOs, JFK & Elvis: Conspiracies You Don't Have to Be Crazy to BelieveUFOs, JFK & Elvis: Conspiracies You Don’t Have to Be Crazy to Believe by Richard Belzer

Richard Belzer is well known as a comedian, an actor, and a conspiracy theorist; sometimes all three at once, as is frequently the case with his character Detective Munch across many television series and seasons. If you’ve listened to him talk, you’re aware that he brings a signature blend of dry wit, distinctively Jewish-themed self-deprecating sarcasm, and a fierce intelligence to nearly any party.

This book is no different. Belzer is on point in his attitude from the first to the last page, formulating an immensely enjoyable read. For those who choose to take it as comedy, you certainly can; for those looking for a more intellectual exercise, even if you don’t necessarily see the world through the black lenses of conspiracy everywhere that he does, there’s still plenty of interesting ideas to chew on.

If I had one complaint about the book, it’s that the title is a trifle misleading; while there’s plenty of material about UFOs and related phenomena, and more than half the book is dedicated to assorted JFK tidbits, there is a notable lack of Elvis within the tome, short of a couple of brief comparison remarks made near the beginning. Kidding, really; I can do with less Elvis in my life.

A worthy addition to any conspiracy theorists’ (or those who are interested in them) shelf, perhaps the biggest highlight is the extensive bibliography lurking innocently at the end. Worth running down some of those sources to see how far down the rabbit hole it goes.

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Reblog: Non-Lethal Mysteries

This looks like it might be an interesting and promising idea; if anyone’s interested, stop by and let them know! (Comments disabled here; please visit the original post.)

I think I may be ready to do it again. I have this strange condition–call it “Dr. Jeckyl & The Pied Piper Syndrome” where I am suddenly struck with a completely off the wall idea combined with a compulsion to lure otherwise perfectly sane writers to follow me into the maw of madness. The first […]

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Scouting the Territory

Oregon is a lovely and fascinating place. The weather’s great – though I’m sure 50 degrees and damp almost every day is not for everyone, it suits me just fine – the air quality is actually decent enough that I’m not having to suck on a gallon of albuterol every day, cost of living seems significantly lower.

The one problem I have at this point is finding my peeps. I’m not much of a social butterfly, it’s true, but there’s still times where you need like-minded individuals to discuss things with, or at least to see what’s out there that you don’t know exists. Sure, there’s MeetUp.com, Craiglist, and the omnipresent Google, but those have, as yet, yielded little fruit. There’s an interesting writing group that I’m planning on joining as soon as I can rake together the membership fee, but even were I member, their meetings don’t run on a schedule I can meet with the current work situation.

So what about you folks out there? Anyone in the Salem area and aware of groups or individuals of an artistic persuasion willing to band together for mutual critiques, accountability, and general humanizing influence? Drop a note in the box below, or to my e-mail if you’d prefer.

Until next time.

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If Dr Seuss is right, and he usually is, then I am in very good company. I, along with nineteen other writers, have taken new horror anthology The Box Under The Bed to number one in the Amazon new releases chart, which was a nice thing to discover on a Monday morning. This is […]

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Making Plans

Oh, I’m still here? Yeah. I am. To some, that is probably an annoyance. To others, a glad occasion. To most, irrelevant either way.

But, regardless of the opinion of the masses, I’m still lurking here. It’s been quite some time since I devoted proper attention to this blog, or to my writing projects in general. It happens. I’ve never gone away entirely, but I do pull a fade every once in a while. Generally caused by external factors – illness, mental health, financial considerations – but I never leave entirely.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve gone and uprooted everything. No more do I frolic through the deserts, miserable heat and smoke-coated environs of Nevada. Off to Oregon, land of green and gray, where at least the environment itself isn’t attempting to murder me.

As part of that move, it has necessitated that I obtain new doctors of all stripes, and my new shrink seems a little more in tune with the way my mind works; at her urging, I’ve managed to reclaim at least some of my creative drive. The trick is to keep – and expand – it.

To that end, there is a Plan (TM) in place. The Grand Plan (also TM). It isn’t much, really, only a system holding at least a bit of accountability to someone other than myself and with measurable goals attached, but hopefully it will bear fruit. Assuming all goes well, you may be seeing a legit, finished novel in the first quarter of next year. Alongside that, a pile of posts that at least remind people I’m alive and working.

The current plan is a minimum of two posts a week, Tuesday and Thursday. I can’t guarantee what those posts will be about, but they’ll be there, at least. Depending on what I can get to behave here, you may notice they will be lacking the text art I was so fond of for a while, there; trying to make new tools behave like the old ones is not always a winning proposition. But they’ll be there. We hope.

So what novel is going to crawl out of the corner? Well, that’s an excellent question. The one that’s crying for me to work on it is Believe Me, the one about the fake psychic who becomes a real psychic. Expect snippets and musings on the subject as things progress. It’s when you stop seeing those that there may be trouble.

That’s all for now. Drop a comment if you’re of a mind, or have any useful advice on accountability or lurching onward in the face of mental and physical illness, or if you have any cool places in the Salem, OR area that I should check out. Until next time…