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PorterGirl 4 -Footsteps of the Templar — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

I believe you know what you need to do. (Comments disabled here; please visit the original post.)

Originally posted on Lucy Brazier: Available now to pre-order ‘A Peculiar Type Of Morality’ Head Porter’s hopes for a quiet life are dashed not only by the return to Old College of one of academia’s most controversial Fellows, but also the revelation that the Knights Templar may once have left behind something quite important in…

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Reblog: Cemeteries & Churches

It’s no secret that despite my own mishmash of beliefs, I adore religious architecture and symbols… here’s quite a few great photos of them from a very talented lady. (May I also suggest her shades of grey and water world galleries? I shall.) Comments are disabled here, so please stop by and give a like or comment on her page.


PorterGirl – Sinister Dexter Live Launch & FREE STUFF

The third novel in the PorterGirl series is going up! Grab it while you can! (Comments disabled here; please visit the original post.)

PorterGirl – Sinister Dexter Live Launch & FREE STUFF

PorterGirl – Sinister Dexter Live Launch & FREE STUFF
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Reader’s Guilt

We’ve all had it, I bet. That moment where one of three thoughts occurs to you:

  1. I’m reading something other than what I should be reading. There’s some book that really needs to get read, and it’s not happening because I’m reading this one instead.
  2. I really shouldn’t be reading this. Either because it’s just plain awful but you’re determined to plow through anyway, or it’s “trash” (ala Stephen King’s mother, who he suspects would have called ‘Salem’s Lot “trash, but not bad trash.”) that you feel guilty for owning and/or enjoying.
  3. I’m reading something for the sole purpose of destroying it later.


We’ve all done all three of them, I suspect. My Goodreads list has been occupied by several (in fact, right now, a glaring case of #2 lies there; The Black Awakening.) The Amityville Horror and related works are definitely squatting in spot #3.

But I’m mostly here to talk about reason #1. I have a lot of books and stories on the Kindle app right now. Most of them are from great authors, like Lucy Brazier and Troy Blackford. Yet they either remain unread or merely poked at.

Not because they’re bad, or in any way deficient. Merely because I have problems reading on Kindle. I’m one of those crusty bastards who enjoys the feel of actual paper in his hands for one, but also because I do most of my reading in the bathroom. A guilty habit that I’m quite sure most of you have engaged in at some point or another. What isn’t done in the bathroom is typically done at work.

I don’t really want to drag my hideously expensive tablet into the room of steam, mold and possible droppage, and at work, we are not allowed to have devices that have cameras on them. So I only get to them when I’m at my computer or tablet and not writing or playing World of Warcraft or The Binding of Isaac. This means I am slow to pick them up and slower to read them, while I can blast through something I own physically in a couple of days. (I spend a lot of time in the bathroom and sitting at my desk doing nothing at work. Not that you needed to know those things.)

I’ve tried to incorporate it into my New Years’ resolutions; “I will read more of my Kindle library. I will get caught up there and post reviews as is proper.” I’ve even managed to (sort of) keep to it, having read a whopping 100 pages on the Kindle app this year. But that doesn’t seem so great when I’m already 8 books into my Goodreads Challenge.

So, to those authors I’ve inadvertently snubbed merely because of the format I possess your books in, I’m sorry. I’ll get there, I promise.

What about you folks out there? Is there something you should be or want to be reading, but haven’t managed to get to yet? Share it down below, and a link, if you’re of a mind. Maybe you can get someone else hooked while you’re at it!

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Reblog: Sinister Dexter : Prologue — Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

If you haven’t previously looked into Lucy Brazier’s PorterGirl series, you should. Now’s a good time, since there’s a new one on the way, and the author has given us an excellent little appetizer to get us ready. Check it out, won’t you? (Comments disabled here; please drop by the original post.)

I am very much looking forward to the release of new PorterGirl novel, Sinister Dexter – so much so that I can’t actually wait. Here, have a little look at the prologue… Old College; Winter 1448 “Didn’t I warn you? Didn’t I tell you, Humphrey, never to mention their name!” “But who are they, Mister Gunby? Who […]

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Goodreads Review: Roommates

Roommates: A Creepy Little Bedtime StoryRoommates: A Creepy Little Bedtime Story by William F. Aicher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Want a delightfully disturbing look into a madness riddled mind? Look no further. Roommates peels back the skin (and skull, and gray matter…) to deliver a fascinating internal monologue (or is it a dialogue?) on the subject of loneliness and isolation.

Our narrator is at turns angry, confused, enamored and disturbed by his condition and what may – or may not – be causing it, winding down corridors of depression and almost manic glee en route to a finale that leaves the reader wanting more while remaining satisfied… and perhaps a little relieved to leave the swamp of his mind at last.

Very entertaining and well worth a read. Highly recommended.

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Goodreads Review: Spookygirl

Spookygirl: Paranormal InvestigatorSpookygirl: Paranormal Investigator by Jill Baguchinsky

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First confession; when I picked this book up I thought it was something else. I didn’t read the inner flap, and from the back flap, the cover and the other books that were with it at the time, I thought it was non-fiction.

Was I a little surprised when I started reading and discovered it was a YA novel about a teenager with a dead mom, family troubles, potential romantic entanglements and the struggles of fitting in while being a freak? Yeah.

Was I further surprised when I discovered it to actually be fairly smart, well written, and entertaining? Also yes.

Spookygirl has an interesting narrative set up, with a teenage medium heading into a new school with new living conditions as she resumes living with her widowed father above his mortuary. Thankfully, Dad is at least understanding of her “gifts,” and not above using those gifts to help folks move on or at least find some peace in the afterlife. The mystery of Mom’s death – and Dad’s potential involvement in it – is left appropriately vague, being prodded at in regular intervals. Not so often that you feel the need to say “shut up, already, we get it,” and not so infrequently that you have that “Oh, right, that was a thing that happened” moment. The bulk of the book serves as our heroine getting used to the new situation and picking up the family business so she can attempt to resolve her issues about Mom’s death, and it’s done decently well. It’s a fun little romp, the literary equivalent of a bag of chips: Tasty enough, at least mildly satisfying, not too offensive, but not going to create any earthshattering moments, either.

The book is competent and entertaining and does what it set out to do. If I have any complaints, it’s the giant red herring as regards the school haunting and the too-tidy way it gets rectified, leaving one character in a plot hole somewhere and never referencing her again, and the far-too-shiny-happy ending that ties everything up while leaving room for another volume, but without any real sense of sacrifice. It’s 100% happy ending, and while that may be due to the genre, it felt far too tidy and left me a little sour.

Overall, though, I’d say it’s worth checking out if you’re into teenagers and spooks, and has the advantage of not being too heavy handed with the romantic angle – and our heroine doesn’t end with a boyfriend, so bonus, there – while still remaining reasonably acceptable to its assumed target audience. Worth a read.

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