Short Fiction

Insomniac Nightmares

The Hand

Fine Dining

Fang Bangers

House of My Father


Woman at the Window

Randolph’s Room

Bones #1

The Secret

The Road

The Yellow Circle

Old Dead Things


Rotten Apple: Hours of the Dead

One O’Clock: One for the Road

Two O’Clock: Dinner for Two

Three O’Clock: Three Little Pigs

Four O’Clock: Four Corners

Five O’Clock: Fifth of Jack

Six O’Clock: Six Degrees of Suppuration

Seven O’Clock: The Seven Vials Opened

Eight O’Clock: Eight Below Zero

Nine O’Clock: Ninth Circle of Hell

Ten O’Clock: Ten New Commandments

Eleven O’Clock: The Eleventh Hour

Twelve O’Clock: 12 Seconds to Midnight

Thirteen O’Clock


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