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‘Tis the Season…

Tomorrow the wild rumpus starts. October is upon us, and all things spooky are officially allowed without it being “weird.”

So what have you got on your menu? Haunted houses nearby? Crazy decorations? A marathon of horror flicks? Survival horror games? A read, or re-read, of your favorite scary books?

I’m hoping to actually finish the Outlast trilogy this year. I think I’m going to every year, but hopefully this time I’ll actually manage. Going to go for the Stephen King Film Challenge (watch 13 of his films this month. Hopefully the good ones, though I’m sure the new Pet Semetary and It, Chapter 2 are going to be on the list.) Read a couple horror novels, though I’m not sure what just yet.

If you’ve got something on the blotter, what’re you working on? What scary game, movie or book would you recommend to others this Halloween season? Let us know down below!

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