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Good Things Coming… Maybe

The move is almost done. I’m feeling a little better after a medication tweak and the doctor’s visit. I may have wrought mass destruction on what manuscripts existed at the time, but I feel like I may be able to come back to the keys.

My computer is in its new home, though still missing the desk. The desk weighs almost 200 pounds. Getting such a thing down one set of stairs, into the bed of a truck that has no tiehooks and a tailgate you can’t put down, 30 miles southward, then off said truck and up a set of stairs is something a cripple like me has yet to figure out. If you’ve got any ideas (or are in the Salem, OR area and willing to help), let me know. Then there’s the lady of the house’s desk, which is even heavier, and let us not forget the dresser, which isn’t horrendously heavy (at least, once you take the drawers out and the mirror off) but incredibly awkward and just a teensy bit longer than the bed of my truck.

My employer has received the doctor’s notes stating just how fucked up and broken I am. One can only hope they say “Oh. Shit. Guess he is broken.” We’ll find out next week. Hopefully it’s good news. But at least I’ve finally gotten all the paperwork done on my end.

I still need surgery. It still costs a fortune. If you’ve got a dime to spare and feel like dropping it in my bucket, it’d be much appreciated; you can find the GoFundMe right here. Or if you like my stuff and want to contribute on a more ongoing basis, you can stop by my Patreon. Everything helps, and is always appreciated, and if there’s anything I can do in return, you need only ask.

I think that’s it for today. My back and lungs are destroyed from what I did manage to do today, even though it wasn’t much. Meds, then sleep, I think. Until next time.


A guide to handling anxiety — ontheedgeofeverything

Struggling with some anxiety? So are others, and they have some tips to share. Check it out! (Comments disabled here, please visit the original post.)

Allow me to put this simply: anxiety sucks. It sucks a lot, actually. And as much as it sucks, it’s equally debilitating, making it pretty challenging to deal with at times. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and I’ve been dealing with anxiety since I was in high school. I’m certainly not an expert when it […]

via A guide to handling anxiety — ontheedgeofeverything


A little chat…

It’s apparently World Mental Health day. It wasn’t an intentional thing that I ended up doing this today – I found out what “day” it was as I was scrolling through Twitter while waiting for my computer to update so I could do the video I was planning on doing two days ago.

I was live on Twitch for about an hour earlier today, talking about a few things. There’s some meandering regarding the vape ban and general irritation, but the main crux of it is about mental health, and specifically how mine has led me to suicidal actions and self harm in the past.

It’s probably not a “fun” watch, but if you’re interested, here it is.

Watch What’s going on? from KaineAndrews on

Going to go crawl back into my hole, now. Or punch people in Yakuza. Haven’t decided which. Hopefully you’re doing something to take care of your own mental health today, or checking in with someone else who needs it. Keep your brains working, folks.

If you’d like to help with my surgery fund and help keep my mental health at least slightly more stable, it’s appreciated; you can find the GoFundMe right here.

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Medicated Downsides

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not mentally well… as if that wasn’t readily apparent from the things I write, read, play and watch. It makes things unpleasant, to say the least, a lot of the time. Even with medication, there’s still periods where the world just, for lack of better explanation, “grays out” and seems half-real and ultimately pointless.

That being said, on the whole, I prefer to have the meds than to be without them… except for one little thing.

Among my problems is bipolar disorder. Saying mood swings are a bitch is an understatement. When they initially diagnosed me, they thought I was severely bipolar and only medicated that. Then they discovered my “normal” was exceptionally low and adjusted to include severe depression. That’s been a little better… but the problem is that my bipolar experience included fairly lengthy – a month or more – periods where the mania would stick around, kick up its feet, light a cigar and make itself comfortable.

I miss those periods. Maybe not enough to say “fuck it” and chuck the meds, hoping the manic phase lands quickly and sticks around – because the low period is literally about six inches from going to bed and never coming back – but still a strong yearning.

I would sleep for two or three hours, add four thousand words to a manuscript, kick out three blog posts, clean the house, stack raid after raid in WoW or dozens of Greater Rift runs in Diablo and still feel energized. To be fair, I’d be smoking like a chimney the whole time, nervously munching on anything in the fridge and consuming prodigious amounts of soda and coffee, but at least I felt productive.

Without those periods, managing a single blog post and one or two sentences on a manuscript or story is an accomplishment. Add in the other health problems, where sitting in my chair or any kind of moving about for any period leaves me winded and exhausted, and even that much feels like a Herculean struggle sometimes.

So… yeah. There’s times where those manic periods look pretty appealing, and I wish I could capture them again and put ’em to work for me. I might actually get something done around here. What about my fellow neurodivergents out there? Do you feel better or worse with treatment? Are there things you wish you could keep from a pre-treatment period, even if overall you prefer the situation when it’s medicated? Let us know down below!

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Worth Trying: Dealing with Stress in the Moment — Amanda Cade

Some helpful techniques to clear the head and get back on track when you need them. (Comments disabled here; please visit the original post.)

A while back, I wrote a post about how to take a few minutes to jolt yourself out of a bad mood. Sometimes, though, we don’t have the luxury of removing ourselves from a situation. When your boss is chewing you out, customers are yelling at you, your kids are having a tantrum, or lots […]

via Worth Trying: Dealing with Stress in the Moment — Amanda Cade


Here’s how to recognize anxiety — ontheedgeofeverything

A quick primer on some warning signs. If you see these in yourself, please seek help. (Comments disabled here, please visit the original post.)

I would argue that many of us believe we’re able to identify someone who struggles with anxiety based on the symptoms they may be demonstrating. Some of the most common symptoms of anxiety that are easily recognizable include worrying, self-doubt, insecurity, and panic attacks. What many of us are unaware of, though, are the more […]

via Here’s how to recognize anxiety — ontheedgeofeverything


In The Face Of Mental Illness — The Bipolar Writer Collaborative Mental Health Blog

A peek into the merry-go-round. Well worth reading. (Comments disabled here; please visit the original post.)

There are often many things that fall by the wayside due to mental illness. They include, but are not limited to, hygiene, relationships, motivation, academics, social interaction, romance, honestly the list goes on and on. Though the one thing that I miss the most is probably a mixture of relationships, social interaction, and romance. I’ve…

via In The Face Of Mental Illness — The Bipolar Writer Collaborative Mental Health Blog

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